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Note: At this moment in time I can only accept orders within the UK (excluding download products!) and payment with Paypal. Hopefully this will change once the shop has got up and running. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.
If you would like to order from the shop then please fill in the order form at the top of the page. Fill in your name, your email address (it's important that you fill this in!) and in the 'Order Information' box write what product(s) you want to buy. Example:

Name: Bob Jones
Email Address: Bob@Jones.com
Order Information:
The CD With All The Bleepy Music On It (MC001)
The Download With All The Bleepy Music In It (MC002)

I will then send an email to the address you fill in on the order form with the Paypal address that you need to send money to and I will ask for your address. Orders are processed manually, so please allow some time.